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Debbie Holloway was born in Dothan, Alabama. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Troy University and is currently working toward her MBA degree in Accounting. Mrs. Holloway has always been an advocate for equal rights and privileges for all people. She believes knowledge is power and this is, in part, what inspired the Tarsus Group.

While listening to a public speech sometime last year, Debbie heard a prominent politician declare that minorities do not know how to generate wealth. As a minority herself, Debbie was at first irritated by what she heard. Upon further reflection, she made a profound realization. "After many angry thoughts and words on my part, I realized he was right. Not only did we not know how to generate wealth, we did even know how to start. It also occurred to me that other minority groups might be in the same situation. So I decided to do something about it, and Tarsus was born." Debbie makes it very clear that Tarsus does not exclude any social group. She says, "Teach people how to build assets, that is our goal."